At True Fitness, we offer personal training and fitness coaching AS IT SHOULD BE.   We take a holistic approach that focuses on making health and fitness manageable and a consistent part of your life. We also strive to identify and partner with other holistic and highly-skilled health professionals to help you make exercise and feeling great something you experience for life!


We are NOT a gym, but are instead a private, personal training service that offers an unmatched training experience. You will have access to expert coaching and provided with all elements needed for success - You WILL reach your goal!


We specialize in two areaS


Online Body Transformation

With this intensive coaching program, completely transform your body, lifestyle, and productivity - and do it whenever and where ever you'd like.  This program is ideal for the hardworking, busy executive or entrepreneur who demands results despite her hectic schedule.

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Rehabilitative Personal training

We Specialize in helping women have dramatic transformations by overcoming chronic injuries (and lose fat in the process!).

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True Fitness also offers the specialized training modality of Muscle Activation Techniques

Muscle Activation Techniques

Muscle Activation Techniques is a very specialized modality that can be used alone or combined with any fitness program.  It addresses muscular imbalances to improve performance in athletes, and overcome injury or prevent the return of injuries by creating stability and building 'armor' in the joints.

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