• I got my protein, fat and fun carb to follow an intense boxing session! 
  • I love boxing and sweet tea :-P!
  • By now, you've probably sensed that this doesn't feel like the previous Push Weeks.  Maybe it doesn't even seem like a Push Week at all?
  • Have you started to noticed how much easier each day is to stay true to your intentions?
  • You now have a new set point of what's 'Normal' so you really don't need to focus as much because your exercise and nutrition has gone from being a habit you had to focus on doing, to what you NORMALLY do!
  • Enjoy your "New Normal' and acknowledge how far you've come in 7 weeks!
  • Your foundation has been built :-)!
  • But don't get too comfortable yet, we still have the weekend!  
  • Task 1: Post in the Day 47 post as part of your daily morning ritual, the answers to these questions: 1.)  What was the first thought and feeling that you had after doing your morning affirmations? 2.) Think about something you are grateful for, something that makes you smile :-), no matter how big or small, and write what that thing is.  Don't be shy! 3.) How will you live by THE CODE today (is there an area you are working on)? 4.) Read your personal vision statement and tell me what thoughts and feelings you are having about it today.
  • ****5.) How much easier is this push week? 
  • ****6.) Does it now seem like just a normal week?