• Welcome to your 3rd and final PUSH WEEK in Unstoppable Energy!
  • You have 2 areas that you will be pushing for 100% compliance with for this push week: 1.) 100% compliance with the  nutritional protocol and; 2.) 100% on getting in your Tuesday and Thursday fully body (push, pull and lower body exercises) strength training session, and Saturday fun physical activity or strength training session.
  • Make sure you are tracking your workouts!  You should already know what weights you are using and your rep goal for each workout beforehand
  • **15 min strolls are optional but highly recommended on the days you aren't strength training to aid recovery and reduce stress**
  • Task 1: Post in the Day 43 post as part of your daily morning ritual, the answers to these questions: 1.)  What was the first thought and feeling that you had after doing your morning affirmations? 2.) Think about something you are grateful for, something that makes you smile :-), no matter how big or small, and write what that thing is.  Don't be shy! 3.) How will you live by THE CODE today (is there an area you are working on)? 4.) Read your personal vision statement and tell me what thoughts and feelings you are having about it today.
  • ****5.) What fun physical activity will you choose to do this Saturday?