• There are 3 peak (busy) times in the gym: approximately 6am-8am, 11am-1pm, 4pm-7pm.
  • The most busiest of the three is 4pm-7pm!
  • I recommend going either very early in the morning or very late at night in order to avoid ever waiting on a machine/piece of equipment.
  • Important note : don't forget to bring your water bottle to the gym if you go during a peak time, especially the 4pm-7pm peak time!
  • Also, communication is key in the gym!  Sometimes people don't know that they are being a 'real' jerk or that you are waiting to use a machine.
  • And don't be afraid to 'work in' with others on a piece of equipment that you need in order to decrease your workout time.
  • Task 1: Post in the Day 38 post as part of your daily morning ritual, the answers to these questions: 1.) What was the first thought and feeling that you had after doing your morning affirmations? 2.) Think about something you are grateful for, something that makes you smile :-), no matter how big or small, and write what that thing is. Don't be shy! 3.) How will you live by THE CODE today (is there an area you are working on)? 4.) Read your personal vision statement and tell me what thoughts and feelings you are having about it today.
  • **** 5.) Do you feel ready to be a "Gym Jerk" tomorrow in the gym?  Why or why not?