• Congratulations on NOT TURNING BACK!
  • You've come a long way in a month :-).
  • Task 1: Post in the Day 31 post as part of your daily morning ritual, the answers to these questions: 1.)  What was the first thought and feeling that you had after doing your morning affirmations? 2.) Think about something you are grateful for, something that makes you smile :-), no matter how big or small, and write what that thing is.  Don't be shy! 3.) How will you live by THE CODE today (is there an area you are working on)? 4.) Read your personal vision statement and tell me what thoughts and feelings you are having about it today.
  • ****5.) What is something (habit, mindset, etc.) that was hard and you had to make a conscious effort to do at the beginning of this program, that is now easy and a normal part of your every day life?
  • ****6.) What have you accomplished in the last month, that at the beginning of this program, you would have never thought would be possible?  It can be physique, life, or mentality related.
  • ****7.) Reflect on what has been the greatest obstacle/challenge you've had to overcome to make progress towards becoming the person in your vision statement. Please share your this reflection with the group.