Online Training Gives the Results of In-Person Training While Training When You Want, Where You Want!


Who should consider online training:


Online training is a great option for those who have a tight schedule, no serious injuries that would keep them from training, and want to work out where they want whenever they want…AND still get AMAZING results.

Online Training is ideal for:

-Busy, stressed-out, result-driven women who want to have more confidence, energy, stamina (for day and night time activities), and as a bonus, look amazing naked

- Women who are preparing for an event with at least 90 days to allow for a body transformation 

-Those transitioning from rehabilitative strength training to have continued guidance as they return to pre-injury activity

All programs include on-going coaching, easy access to your trainer, and extensive nutrition coaching. Many clients who do these programs continue long term because they love the convenience, continuous results, accountability, strategic workouts (that they don’t have to spend their time planning), and freedom. However, by the end of the program, you are well prepared to continue on your own if you so choose.



90 Days Later

90 Days Later

Unique to True Fitness, is our online FAST Body Transformation Program. It was designed to have the greatest transformation in three months. This program is ideal for those committed to getting results and dedicated to making immediate change – especially if they are preparing for an upcoming event in a few months.


The online program offerings are:


  • 3-Month Online FAST Body Transformation Program
  • 3-Month Online Jumpstart Program
  • 6-Month Online Body Transformation and Lifestyle Upgrade Program
  • 12-Month Online TOTAL Transformation, Maintenance and Education Program



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