If you are new to exercise, need in-person focused attention, or have an injury/are pre or post-surgery, this is the option you need.


You can get your body back!


True Fitness’ success is based in offering a premium product (Personal Training how it should be!) taking a holistic approach to training, and NOT doing what everyone else is doing. See what our clients have to say about our training approach!

Our Body Re-Balancing System is applied to all Rehabilitative Strength Training Programs. It is what has allowed our clients to over come long-term and chronic injuries and disabilities to be able to return to their sport or the daily activities of life.

If you feel like you have lost yourself because your body no longer reflects who you are or what you want to do, DO NOT LOSE HOPE!  Rehabilitative Strength Training has helped clients walk unassisted while losing a dress size or two, play with their grandkids without worrying about back issues or injury, return to running and martial arts, avoid surgery and return to feeling normal, recover extremely quickly from surgery and return to normal life, and most of all, be the hope AND result that they need to regain the life they know they are truly meant to have.

See what Shaun has to say about her new freedom:


Hear Sherman's thoughts on Rehabilitative Strength Training with True Fitness. Sherman originally needed a cane to walk.  Since training with True Fitness, she was able to enjoy an international adventure to spain and do so completely UNASSISTED! She also lost 50lbs in total despite her Type II diabetes:


You will not find a Personal Training service like ours (and especially a service focused on women!) in the Northern Virginia area. A large part of how True Fitness maintains its quality is by limiting its clientele to no more than 15 clients actively training. Be assured that when you are working with your trainer, that you are their focus. When you invest in yourself, True Fitness fully invests in you!



All of True Fitness’ In-Person training services are offered in-studio. The training location is central to Arlington and Alexandria VA.


The in-person programs offered include:

  • 6-Month Muscle Jumpstart Program
  • 6-Month Muscle Re-balancing and Lifestyle Upgrade Program
  • 12-Month TOTAL Transformation, Muscle Re-balancing, Maintenance and Education Program


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