Fat Loss: Are you sore after your workout?

Some common phrases I hear a lot from clients regarding workouts and their perceived effectiveness are:


-"Man I'm really sore, so I must have had a really good workout!"

-"I was sore after my last workout so it must be working!"

-"I'm not sore, I must not have worked out hard enough."

-"I need to work out hard this time because I wasn't sore after my last workout."


This is one of the worst and most DANGEROUS ways to gauge the effectiveness of a workout. Let me explain.


Soreness is not a good measure of a workout because it is based on a feeling.  It doesn't tell you how effective your workout was - just that it was a new stress and that you might need more recovery than usual.


If you are looking for soreness every workout, not only are you inviting injury and hormonal imbalances, but you are potentially limiting the effectiveness of your next workout.  Not only that, but depending on your goal, being sore can actually STOP you from reaching your goal.


Bottom line:  Is soreness always a bad thing, well no.  Is it always a good thing for you - definitely not!  What matters is that you understand your goal and align your workouts to match.  Track your progress using objective measures like bodyfat%, strength gains, performance enhancements, and meeting goal milestones.


That's it!

 Don't aim for soreness - aim for measurable results.

If you aren't reaching your fitness goals, feel free to contact me to discuss how I can help you.


Yours in health and fitness,